Convertor board Wiring & Installation Tech Guide

2 min. readlast update: 11.02.2021

Please note that this guide is intended for the following model numbers:

  • USB model OEM-W2USB-V3
  • USB model OEM-W2USB-V3 -CHUID
  • Serial model OEM-W2RS232-V3

Please see this link for the correct manual for these type of boards:

Wiring the board:

You will need four basic wiring connections from the reader to the board, W0, W1, Ground and Power.  

  1. W0 - connect GREEN wire
  2. W1 - connect WHITE wire
  3. Ground - connect BLACK wire
  4. Power - connect USB for USB models or RED wire for serial models
  • USB models are powered by the USB cable connection **(If externally powered for any reason (VH), JP1 jumper must be pulled - see manual).
  • Serial models can use the VH to externally power (using 8-16 VDC, see diagram below) . Connect the serial cable at the bottom (J10).  

Please see this example of the wiring:


Once the board is wired and powered, there will be a solid red 'ready' LED light on the board. The LED should turn green with the reader when a card is presented. Use the Configuration utility version 4.4.6 to connect to the board for testing, connecting via USB or Serial as appropriate for your model.  

Please see this link for the Legacy configuration utility version 4.4.6 which works best with these models:

Please see this link for the utility to configure CHUID type boards on the Extended tab:

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