CCID Reader Info

1 min. readlast update: 12.12.2023

CCID readers come in ,

  • Dual Band (Plus) Loon reader
  • Single band Loon reader
  • Single band Nano reader

Card Data Output Protocols supported

  • CCID - RDR-xxxx6AxU


  • CSN/UID/PUPI data of all contactless cards (using both protocols)
  • HID iClass SE ID or Seos (Requires HID SAM SE SIM/IC) (using both protocols)
  • FIDO2 credential (Card type : FIDO2/U2F added) (using CCID protocol only)

Default CCID and SDK output format will be different

CCID data format is the same as HID Omnikey 5427 CK CL CCID reader

Can use pcProxConfig Utility to configure reader

Beeper will be disabled for card type : FIDO2/U2F

rfIDEAS CCID Readers

  • RDR-80xx6AxU (Dual Band)
  • RDR-7xx6AxU (Single Band)
  • RDR-7x16AxU (Single Band Nano)


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