What is the difference between HID Prox / HID iClass / HID Seos?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The most important thing to note when looking at the difference between Proximity, iClass, and Seos is the frequency at which they operate. HID Proximity operates at the 125 kHz low frequency while both HID iClass and HID Seos operate at the 13.56 MHz high frequency. HID Seos cards are similar to iClass cards but they are secured a step higher.

When it comes to readers, we have two main groups of plus readers. The readers where the model number starts with 805, and those that start with 800. Any model of plus reader is going to support HID Prox. However only those that begin with 800 will support iClass or Seos. It is important to note that older 800 plus readers, from pre 2017, will not support Seos but they will support iClass. 

RDR-60xxxxx - 125 kHz HID Prox only

RDR-708xxxx - 13.56 MHz iClass

RDR-701xxxx - 13.56 MHz iClass / Seos

RDR-805xxxxx - Dual frequency plus reader, supports 50+ card types including prox, but excluding iClass or Seos

RDR-800xxxxx - Dual freuqency plus reader, supports 50+ card types, supports prox, iClass, and Seos cards.

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