What is the difference between an 81 and 82 series reader?

1 min. readlast update: 04.07.2020

 The difference between a 81 series reader and an 82 series reader, for example,

RDR-6081AKU vs RDR-6082AKU


RDR-80581AKU vs RDR-80582AKU

Is that the 81 series readers are designed to visibly output data.  When you scan a card, it will send the data via its method of communication:  USB keystrokes, Serial, or Ethernet depending on the model.

An 82 series reader is what we would call one of our SDK readers.  They do not output any data.  They are designed to be used alongside our development or some other custom application that will connect to the reader and poll it for the card data.

An 81 series reader can but put into an SDK mode and behave like an 82 series reader.

However an 82 series reader cannot behave like an 81 series reader.   82 series can integrate into most software or hardware through the use of the RF IDeas Universal Software Developer’s Kit (SDK). In contrast to the Enroll readers, the SDK readers use a callable DLL or other direct integration methods rather than keystroking (emulating a keyboard device). These readers deliver the card ID in a format that applications recognize, offering nearly limitless possibilities for user identification and authentication.   

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