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What are the Modbus Registers for the RDR-80581AKD-P reader?

rfIDeas Modbus TCP Register Specification :

In general, the data for the Modbus TCP reader interface is very similar to the EtherNet/IP reader interface. The only real difference is byte ordering within the 16-bit Modbus registers. 

Output Data

Modbus Holding Register Addresses 0 & 1 (2 registers) 

Holding Register 0: LED Control, only LSB is significant; MSB is ignored

  • 0 (0x00) = Off – Turn off the LED 
  • 1 (0x01) = Red – Illuminate the Red LED 
  • 2 (0x02) = Green – Illuminate the Green LED 
  • 3(0x03) = Amber – Illuminate both LEDs for Amber 
  • 255(0xFF) = Allow the reader to automatically control the LED (Red – no card data, Green – valid card data received) 

Holding Register 1: Beep Now, only LSB is significant; MSB is ignored

  • 1 (0x01) = Short Beep – A short beep is played 
  • 2(0x02) = Two Short Beeps – a short beep is repeated twice 
  • 3(0x03) = Three Short Beeps – a short beep is repeated 3 times 
  • 4(0x04) = Four Short Beeps – a short beep is repeated 4 times 
  • 5(0x05) = Five Short Beeps – a short beep is repeated 5 times 
  • 101(0x65) = One Long Beep – a Long beep is played 
  • 102(0x66) = Two Long Beeps – a long beep is repeated twice 


Input Data

Modbus Input Register Addresses 0-18 (19 registers) 

Input Register0: Sequence Number

  • The number is incremented to indicate a change in ID data and Bit

Input Register 1: LUID

  • Logical Unit ID – Unique Identifier for the Reader (if assigned
    during reader configuration) 

Input Register 2: ID Bit Count / Present

  • In Polling Mode, this value is the total bit count of the incoming
    ID. In Listen Mode, this value is 0 when a card is not present, and 1 when a card is present.  

Input Registers 3-18: Card ID (16 registers, 256 bits)

  • Raw card ID data where bits are β€œright-aligned”, therefore, the
    least significant bit is contained in the least significant bit of Register 18.
    For example, if a card contains 24 bits of data 0xB7748A, the Modbus Registers will contain the following data: