Loading MOB Key for Mobile Access Credential

1 min. readlast update: 03.25.2022

Reader Model: RDR-30xx1CKU-MXS 

 1. Connect reader to PC, the reader will start a 30s timer to search and process for the config card when LED is RED. Immediately present and hold MOB card to reader or place the reader on top of the config card. The reader will beep once, and the green-yellow LED will flash as the MOB card programs the reader. 

2.When programming has completed the reader will issue a long beep twice and LED will flash green, this may take up to 15s. The LED returns to solid RED when card is removed. 

Note: Removing the MOB Key Card from the reader before completing the configuration can disable it from reading HID iCLASS, SE, Seos and Mobile Access credentials.

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