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How to connect to the card reader attached to a E241 device.

Please note that you are able to connect the configuration utility to a reader that is attached to a E241 device in order to test, reset, and/or configure the reader. You will want to use our standard configuration utility found here:


Once the utility is installed and opened, please follow these steps to connect to the reader:

  1. Connect to the reader by using TCP/IP on the Connect tab.  
  2. You will want to enter the IP number of the E241 in the TCP/IP field
  3. Set the Port: 
use Port 2000 for serial readers and Port 2001 for USB readers (AKU

4.Once set, click the Connect button on the top left to connect to the reader.  

It will look like this for a USB reader (use Port 2000 for serial readers):