How To Configure PoE Readers

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Configuring PoE With Telnet

  1. Open Command Prompt window
  2. From command prompt type telnet and the assigned IP address of the PoE reader followed by 9999. Example c:\>telnet 9999

NOTE: If you get the message that 'telnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file, you will need to enable Telnet or contact your network administrator.

Once connected, the user will be prompted to enter a setup mode. This will bring up the configuration menu options.

0 – Server Configuration

To edit the server IP address currently assigned to the PoE reader enter the IP address when prompted. After the IP address has been edited, the user will be prompted to enter the subnet mask in the same manner.


Once all edits have been made, “set Gateway IP Address (N)” will appear. Press “Y” then “Enter” to change to an alternate gateway address. Otherwise, press “Enter” at the prompt to leave the entry as it is.

                                              Lantronix Device Installer

Set IP Address Automatically

Download Device Installer here : Device Installer ZIP

  1. Select the device.
  2. Click “Assign IP.”
  3. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically.” Click “Next.”
  4. Select the network protocol for searching and obtaining the IP address and click “Next.”
  5. Click the “Assign” button to assign the IP address to the device.
  6. Click “Finish” button.


Set IP Address Manually

  1. Select the device from the device list.
  2. Click “Assign IP”
  3. On the “Assignment Method” page, select “Assign a specific IP address” and click Next.
  4. Click “Assign” to assign the IP address to the device.
  5. Click “Finish.”





Changing The IP Via Web Browser

  1. Type the current IP address of the reader into a web browser field.
  2. Hit “enter”
  3. Your browser will take you to a “network settings” page for your reader.
  4. Make changes to your IP in the fields provided
  5. Click “Apply Setting” for your changes to take place


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