How to configure my Plus reader for 2 different card formats that use the same card type.

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Click Here to download the rf IDEAS Configuration Utility version 6.0.5

This article describes how to configure the Plus reader to read 2 different card formats when you have the same card type in 3 steps using the configuration utility, version 6.  

The example shown below is how to configure the reader for HID prox cards that use a 26 bit and 35 bit card formats. (Please note that you can repeat these steps as needed for other card types, formats, or bit counts up to four configurations for the Plus reader).

Step 1: Set your card type up on both configurations to match.  

For HID prox cards, it would look like this:



Go to the Format tab for Configuration 1 to Set the Advanced settings for "Only Read cards with this bit count". Please note that the value must reflect the TOTAL bit count on the card.

For a standard 26 bit HID prox card, it would look like this:



Go to Configuration 2 (make any adjustments needed for the second format) and repeat Step 2 for the second card format. Once completed, choose the Write button to SAVE the changes to the reader.  

For a 35 bit HID prox card, the settings would look like this:


Once completed with your steps, you can use the Test Area to test both cards. The reader should output using the correct format for each card regardless which is presented.  

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