How to configure a reader for Genetec

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

First you will need to download the rf IDEAS Configuration Utility Then plug your reader into the computer and open the utility. It should automatically connect to your reader, if not click the connect button in the top left. You will know you are connected when your device list is filled out.


Please note that the settings for each configuration are independent of the others. So make sure you are making the changes to the correct configuration number. In this example, we are using HID prox cards so we will use configuration 1.

Make sure you are on the correct configuration, then go to the format tab for that configuration.


On the format tab, we need to set the strip leading and trailing bit counts both to zero. Once that is done we need to write the settings to the reader.


Once the settings have been written, you should be all set for Genetec.  

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