How do I wire my Wiegand Converter Board?

1 min. readlast update: 09.18.2020

The OEM Wiegand Converter requires a regulated power source of 5 VDC or 8-16 VDC, 100mA for internal operation.

On the J4 Terminal block you would need to connect power (VH or V5), data 0 (W0), data 1 (W1), and ground (Gnd).

VH - INPUT: Voltage (High), Power supply input from your power supply. The supply must be 8 – 16 VDC @100ma maximum. The on-board 5V regulator handles 1A combined consumption so external consumers connected to the 5V bus are limited to 900mA 

V5 - INPUT: This pin requires a regulated 5 VDC @100 ma 

W0 - INPUT: Data 0 Wiegand – usually green wire from device 

W1 - INPUT: Data 1 Wiegand - usually white wire from device 

Gnd - DC Ground – usually black wire from device 


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