How do I output the leading zeroes of my ID number?

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

If your card has a number such as 00068, by default the reader will only output 68.  If you need the leading zeroes, you will have to enable the fix length feature in the WAVE ID® Configuration Utility

1.  Go to the Format tab
2.  Check the "Fix length FAC / ID fields" box
3.  Set the ID digits to the total number of digits you want your output to be
4.  Click the Write Active / Write Settings button

Any number smaller in length then your ID digits will get zeros added to the front.  Anything larger will have digits removed.  For example,

Fix length ID digits set to 5.  1234 becomes 012345.  But 123456 becomes 23456. 

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