How do I export a current configuration from the rf IDEAS reader?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

You can use the rf IDEAS Configuration Utility to save an HWG configuration file and load the file to readers with the same model number. Once connected, please follow these steps to copy the configuration from a working reader and import it to a nonworking reader:

1.         Plug in the reader that is currently working. Open the utility and click Connect. In the lower right click on the plus icon and select "Save device data to hwg+ file"

2.         Name the file and save to a location that is easy to browse back to.

3.         Disconnect the working reader.

4.         Connect the nonworking reader.

5.         Connect to the Configuration Utility.

6.         Click on the plus icon and select "Open hwg+ file".

7.         Browse to the file you just saved from the working reader.

8.         Click the "Write" button in the top left in the Configuration Utility. 

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