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ETHERNET READERS - Quick Start - Assigning an IP

Please note that our Ethernet readers go out by default using DHCP. If you do not have a DHCP server, you can use the AB BootP server to assign an IP address in your range manually. This guide provides the steps to assign the IP address manually, if needed. 

Please see this link for the AB BootP utility:



 To assign the IP address manually, follow these steps with the reader connected and powered on: 

  1. Turn off Wireless connections and disable any Firewall security that could block you 
  2. Install and launch AB BootP utility 
  3. Look for the MAC address that matches your reader 
  4. Click on you MAC address and Add to Relation List 
  5. Double click on your MAC and assign IP address in your IP range 
    1. TIP โ€“ ***Do not use any other buttons in the Tool. Simply assign the IP address. 

**Once you have an IP assigned,  

a) Use Ping to test Reply from the IP address you assigned (Be sure to have a successful reply before moving to step b. If not, go back to assign valid IP address).  

b) Then, put the valid IP in an Internet browser to get to the web interface:    


  • ***TIP: Do you need a Static IP address?

When connected to the Web interface, you can disable the DHCP/BootP check box and APPLY SETTING, to make the IP address static.  

   ยท You may want to ensure your Wireless and Firewall security are disabled BEFORE and during this process. If you are having trouble, these can block connections. (Wireless can assign an unwanted IP address to the reader automatically if left on).  

  • Please be sure your IP address and Gateway are defined before starting the process.   
    • (Check your own IP settings using ipconfig) 
  • Be sure the IP address you assign is in your IP range.  
  • Please note that the readers cannot cross a subnet. So, be sure the computer and the reader have the same Gateway and Subnet defined to reach it by ping and the web interface.  


You can also run the Device Installer to see if the reader already has an IP address.   

Please see this link for Device Installer:  


 Please see this link for the configuration utility for testing and/or configuring the reader:  


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