CasiRusco Bit Distribution

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

Applies to Ethernet models RDR-805x1AKB-P and RDR-800x1AKB-P

When working with a Rockwell PLC and CasiRusco cards, you will need to configure the reader as well as setup a specific Bit distribution for the CasiRusco card data in the PLC.  

If you dont already have it, you will need to download our Configuration Utility.  

Once you select Casi-Rusco as your card type you will need to make the following changes on the format tab

Turn OFF Send FAC  

Turn OFF Send ID 

Turn OFF Fix length FAC/ID fields

Check the box for Send ID as hexadecimal.

Once done it should look like the picture below. In the top left corner click on the Write button to apply the changes to the reader


Now that the reader is set, you will need to set the bit distribution in your PLC. Please see this example of a CasiRusco Bit Distribution for your Rockwell AB PLC:

*please note that some customer have had to set data type to DINT.


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